Meet the Strikeforce

We are a growing network of community leaders standing together across the nation to pull the our friends, neighbors and families from the brink of disaster caused by oppressive housing costs. We are stepping up to declare an end to business as usual and taking action where policy has failed. Harnessing our collective power, we know that when we stand together, we can create a world where we everyone can thrive.

Stand with us and refuse to put more money into the hands of corporate landlords and Wall Street banks.

Here are some of the latest Strikeforce members

I am a parent, and a small business owner who pays my bills by doing personal hair and nail appointments. Instead of negotiating with me and my neighbors, my landlord told us “rent is due on May 1st” and sent us a credit card application so we could pay the rent. I worked for years to rebuild my credit. I refuse to go into credit card debt to pay my rent. I’m on strike with my neighbors until Governor Cuomo cancels the rent. Peggy Perkins, New York City, NY
Esta es una crisis mundial, donde muchos nos hemos quedado sin trabajar, no es justo que nos desalojen. Hablo por mi comunidad que está en igual o peor situación, ya basta a la intimidación por parte de los arrendadores!
This is a global crisis that has left any of us unemployed. It is not fair that we be evicted. I speak for many in my community that are in the same or worse situation - enough to intimidation by landlords!
Leidy Perez, Mount Ranier, MD
I grew up in poverty, and my family had virtually no wealth. My husband and I were caught in a mortgage scam, have been racially profiled by many landlords, and have struggled to find housing with an eviction on our record. I was homeless for 6 months last year while undergoing cancer treatments. Both my husband and I were laid off last week. We need a solution now that is not on the backs of people like me. Tiana Caldwell, Kansas City, MO
There are THOUSANDS more members of the Strikeforce. And you could be one too! Sign up with the link below to add your name to the list and tell your story. You, Your Town

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Whether you are choosing to not pay, or simply can't pay, you can be part of the Strikeforce. The Strikeforce is demanding a solution to this new housing crisis that puts regular people first.

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