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Hundreds of thousands of families and individuals are participating in the national rent strike!

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National Day of Action: May 22

Take action now! May 22nd kicks off slew of actions all over the country leading up to June 1st. Take a look at the actions we compiled and join one near you!

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People first. Not corporations. Not Wall Street. Not billionaires.

Millions of people were struggling to pay rent before COVID-19 hit. Since March, more than 26 million people have filed for unemployment, and many more have had their hours and wages cut. On May 1, millions of people across the country will withhold their rent by necessity. While some cities have put evictions and foreclosures on hold, people won’t be able to pay huge amounts of back rent once the crisis ends, and it’s wrong to think they should. 

Housing is a basic human right, and no one should have to worry about access to quality, low cost housing, not now, not ever.

All over the country people are showing their power and demanding cancelled rent and a response that puts people first, not corporations, not Wall Street, and not billionaires.

Black and Brown communities shouldn’t have to bear the brunt of this crisis. That’s why we demand:

  • Rent/mortgage cancelation for the duration of the pandemic
  • Block corporations from swooping in and taking over property in ravaged communities
  • Halt all foreclosures and evictions during this crisis



Important Rent Strike Stats


Rent Strikers

And many more are taking the rent strike pledge every day!



That's how long we've been in this crisis without meaningful action


Did not pay rent in May

This number will continue to rise as time goes on

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Families and individuals across the country are standing up and saying “no more” to corporate landlords, Wall Street, and the wealthy elite. We will not go through another recession and a pandemic without bailing out the people who need it most. It’s time to cancel rent/mortgage payments for everyone!

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